Countryside Drive

Welcome! Come sightseeing in the countryside near my Pennsylvania home.  This home page shows a few sample pictures, hit "browse photo galleries" to see them all. 

About Mariann:

      I grew up in Pennsylvania, playing with kittens in the hay mow and shelling peas from the garden. After college in Virginia, I taught high school English in eastern Pennsylvania, and found my niche teaching theater at a college in Kansas. In my healthy days, I loved to travel and enjoyed seeing and photographing as many places as possible. Unfortunately, I became disabled in 2002. My immune system was damaged from a toxic exposure, and I had to give up my former life. I came back to my wonderful family in rural Pennsylvania, and my only travels now are in my immediate area.

       Luckily for me, my immediate area is gorgeous!  This is an active agricultural region next to lovely mountains. My disability could keep me homebound, but by wearing a Powered Air Purifying Respirator, I can go out without getting sick. The PAPR cleans the air of the many particles and chemicals to which I am highly reactive. When I feel strong, I enjoy going on country drives to indulge in my love of photography right near home. My life is quite different from what it once was, but it is still beautiful!  

(Feel free to order prints from this site, just click the "buy" button by the photo to see all the options. Photos can be printed on paper or on a  mug or a magnet, etc.

I have paired some of my photos with scripture verses, and made cards of those designs. They're available for purchase at my shop at:  

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